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1.5 or 2 – Hmmm decisions, decisions…

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its latest report in which it details the differences between a 1.5 and 2 degree Celsius rise in global temperature. Our prime minister said it was a report about the world and not Australia and the leader of the opposition said fossil fuel will always be part of Australia’s energy mix. Neither is serious about tackling climate change and as for the Greens, they remain primarily preoccupied with the contents of underpants.

The truth is that it’s not a choice between 1.5 and 2 and going as we are we have no hope of temperature rise stopping at 2 degrees and are already well on track for Earth becoming a different planet within the lifespan of anyone who is a teenager today. Thank fuck says the prime minister and leader of the opposition they can’t vote! As for for the Greens, the only message they have for youth if that, well, you don’t have to be a girl if you don’t want to.

Three pictures. One of the local dry cleaning store, of a broken window and a busker. Can’t be too careful today with subject matter when you are allegedly the mastermind of a criminal organization. Which sounds like another way of saying, ‘leader of a fossil-fuel-funded political party’.

Black and white photograph of the dry cleaner's store in Katoomba New South Wales Australia.


Black and white photograph of an old man busker playing the harmonica in Katoomba New South Wales, Australia.


Black and white photograph of a broken window in Penrith New South wales, Australia creating outline of what could be to cloaked characters in dystopian landscape.


End of Civilization.

A cross post from my other site. LOL – a bit busy or is it a bit lazy?

Getting frustrated with the art thing, wondering what purpose it can still serve now that we – the human species – are well into an extinction event of our own making. I mean like, why make any form of text, visual or written, when soon there would no one left to read it? Should we not just make love, relax on a beach, contemplate the beauty of what remains of nature?

I was discussing this apocalypse just the other day with someone, asking ourselves whether it could be at all possible that we are the last generations of our species and if so, what purpose did the lives of all who came before us serve, their struggles and sacrifices, indeed what purpose does the Universe serve if there is nothing that can turn around and look back at it? Rocks and fireballs orbiting around each other for no reason other than it’s fun, but again fun for whom?

Of course there is now the near certainty there is other self-aware and technology-capable life in the Universe but that is not proven beyond doubt and even if the case then do we humans want to be forever remembered as the species that failed? What a sad end for a species capable of creating truly great art, science and technology?

I personally believe that and especially if we are alone in the Universe and the ‘big bang’ of conscientiousness occurred on planet Earth, the Universe would not allow our extinction. Extinct, Satan wins the war of angels. I believe there would be survivors but who would have one hell of a job rebuilding hopefully a better civilization and that will over a million years spread out throughout our Galaxy and beyond. It’s within our reach, if we don’t give up.

So, I think there is good reason to continue as best we can in whatever it is we do. We can’t all be Mozarts, but we can be ourselves.

Fence and bridge in Katoomba New South Wales, Australia.Photograph by Paul Nyssen.

Fencing off an empty space?!

Added a page with a few words about my 2009 arrest.

Checking as one does what turns up when you enter your name into the Google search box I found the Sydney Morning Herald article published in 2009 is still there. I was in contact with that newspaper and asked their head of news to get in contact with me but no joy. It appears some stories are indeed too good to be false. Anyway – who gives a rat’s ass but have added a page here with a few words of response to what was alleged. Don’t expect a ‘tell all’ rather regret and a ‘not my loss but yours’.

Other than that life goes on. I re-upped some stuff on the art website, changed the theme and made it primarily about photography, am continuing the comic strip which at this pace will never complete but who cares, the process itself is fun. With the temperature climbing to levels where riding the mountain bike becomes possible even for senior citizens, I’ve also been out beating the dirt tracks. Last Sunday I did 100 kilometers mostly on dirt and was so stuffed I missed watching the motoGP.

Black and white picture of lone man in Parramatta railway station tunnel. Photograph by Paul Nyssen.

Pretty happy with this one. Had to wait until he wasn’t looking up and there was no other people in shot.

Aside from all that continuing the Python course which I’m about a third of the way through and also working on taking my photography skills to where I want them to be. That involves really drilling down into the workings of camera and editing software and studying in detail the works of photographers I admire. All that to say I’m keeping busy if only to remain of sane mind and body. Finally and despite making conscientious efforts to achieve the void and not spent hours writing passionate pieces on subjects such as civil liberties and climate change, the urge is near irresistible and for sure I will give in to temptation.

Best to all.

Blue Mountains scrub with burnt bushes from recent fires and my mountain bike.

Back out on the tracks now that I can ride without my hands and nose turning purple.

Do something useful.

An interesting number of cyclones developing in the Pacific ocean and in the Atlantic. One, checking its progress on the earth null school website, appears set to slam into the United States east coast in the next few days. Ocean temperatures and the shredded jet stream would explain why and why all of a sudden the temperature where I live has jumped to early summer levels. People are walking around town commenting to each other on how beautiful a spring day it is. Honestly, what can one say?
Over the past few months, city dwellers here in Australia have been expressing their concern about the plight of outback farmers who in some places have not seen a decent rainfall in years. People are donating money, food and other stuff like personal hygiene items to relieve the pain of outback communities. Transcontinental convoys of trucks carrying hay for starving cattle are organized and politicians from all sides are queuing up to visit drought affected areas. A few weeks ago the entire state of New South Wales was declared in drought.
We also had yet another change of prime minister with the new incumbent immediately tearing up the so-called ‘National Energy Guarantee’ policy of his predecessor. The policy was not liked by the coal friendly right wing of the conservative party who would if they could, also withdraw Australia from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Previously also dumped prime minister and now a far right sitter on the conservative backbench Tony Abbott famously went from declaring climate change as crap to his current position that it is in fact a good thing because the excess carbon makes plants grow faster. The Australian Greens? Well they are still struggling to get a second person into the house of representatives where laws are made. Why such a lack of success when we and all other species are facing extinction is an interesting question in itself.

I wrote previously that I had said what I had to say. That is true and any sensible person would simply accept there is not much that can be done when the entire population of the planet appears to be like the proverbial frog in boiling water. Even young people appear to believe all this will somehow go away and all of Earth’s species will in the future live in peace, harmony and bounty. Dancing around the May pole. Science makes a different prediction. We are, if drastic action is not taken, the last of our species. Hey, some might think that is pretty cool. Those who are dissatisfied with their lives, who are pedophobes, who believe they should be running the planet and if not, sitting on the beach of their private island sipping rainbow-colored cocktails.

Every time I pass a small child today I feel like saying sorry. Sorry for passing on to you, little one, a diseased planet. I know that by the time that child grows to adulthood, it will be too late to repair the damage and he or she will suffer immensely, will have to fight for the shrinking inhabitable space and in a short time all will lose that battle. Planet earth will eventually recover. There have been five great extinction events in the past.

The old samurai wrote ‘It is dishonorable to die without having drawn your sword’. It’s even more dishonorable to run away and leave your children to suffer and die. What can we do?

Lead by example. Such as not driving a fossil-fueled powered vehicle. Ride a bike and/or use public transport instead. Do anything else you can think of to minimize your carbon footprint. Meditate at home rather than flying to Tibet. Write to your representative in government. Vote for the toughest climate action. Speak out and discuss climate change at every opportunity. Join an environment movement and participate in protests. Demand a global climate emergency be declared. Believe in humanity and its capacity for good.

I’m sure all you smart people can add to that list. Think positive – yes we can. Remember at every obstacle encountered that you are fighting for children. Pray to the universal God when despair is your enemy. You – yes you – are their hero. Their only hope.