Monthly Archives: April 2017

Back soon.

The recent hack and other attempts to intimidate and deter has only resulted in a decision to continue with this blog and a rebuild of the other site they went to so much trouble to destroy. I’ll post the URL when it’s back up. Next posts here will be on state surveillance.

Best to all.

LOL some dick hacked my art site.

Yesterday, full of energy and with a plan, I went to the login of my art website and found some imbecile had hacked it. I suspect that either someone just wanted to piss me off or they took exception to some of the pictures featured on what was, and will be again, essentially a street photography site. Whatever the case, for some reason this latest hack and there have been a few over the past fifteen years, inspired me to share will all and including the hacker, this interview of Stephen Fry.


Clean up.

Realized I hadn’t dumped the old posts for over a year and so this evening did the overdue clean out. I’ll also be making a few changes including taking more care of my art website and less of this blog which will become just a point of contact a bit like others might use social media sites. Thanks to all who visited.