Monthly Archives: January 2018

Here we go again

Welcome back. End of my lazy period. LOL

Notice the little widget on the side – it gives you the amount of heat added to the Earth’s atmosphere in Hiroshima bombs. Four per second. We’re sending our children to hell. Depressing and have to say the more I learn about climate change and the more I see the extent of inaction the more depressed and angry I get. At some stage we will need a Nuremberg style tribunal for climate change deniers and with sentences that reflect the gravity of the crime of facilitating the sixth great extinction.
The other thing that would make you throw your arms up in despair is the outbreak of stupidity of politicians and special interest groups who while paying lip service to climate change act in a manner indicating they either don’t get or don’t believe in how serious it is. If you check out the website and policies of the Australian Greens for example you will find they are more concerned with social engineering and social justice than they are survival of species. I’ve heard they know they have issues with too many of their members being refugees from defunct far-left parties and people with single agendas such as LGBTQI and Indigenous rights, not forgetting feminism, and who have little if any knowledge of the science and urgency of climate change. To be effective the Greens would need to become a mainstream party with a sizable portion of seats in the federal lower house but they are never going to achieve that pushing for example a toxic form of feminism the majority of women themselves reject as being more about hating men and pathologizing little boys than seeking equality between genders. Funny that a party such as the Greens would overlook the fact many women are mothers who don’t hate their sons. But anyway, I digress. Could this obsession with the politics of the contents of underpants suggest a reason why we as a species are unable to prevent our own destruction? Sex, money and power are the wants of the individual. We have since the beginning of the industrial revolution reinforced in people’s minds the belief that the purpose of life is having more or at least the same as others. This I believe is the reason we now can no longer react to a collective threat; we would need in the context of climate change to agree to have less so the collective can survive but I can’t see that happening until after the point of no return is crossed if individualism remains the dominant philosophy of life. A collective problem will always be ‘someone else’s problem’ if resolving it means I would have to leave my self-worth parked in the garage.

Otherwise – working on a new page or two as mentioned before and including one for people wanting to join in the fun of mountain bike riding in the Blue Mountains.