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CO2 levels on planet Earth now between 395 and 500 parts per million.

Check out the screen capture below which shows that today Friday 16-02-2018 an area of our planet hit 500 ppm CO2. The New York region. The lowest levels I found were 395 ppm and only in a few very remote places. So the global range is now 395 to 500 ppm. This is locked in and will not change for a long time even if we stopped all emissions today and so all we have to do is look back to the last time the planet’s atmosphere had these levels to determine what will, without any doubt, be the result. You have to keep in mind the system is like a big heavy railway carriage a worker is trying to move using a lever, getting the carriage moving will take a lot of effort and the initial movement will be slow but very quickly it will gather speed and start moving down the tracks with little extra input from the worker. The only way to safely stop it would be to stand aside and let it run out of kinetic energy. In a similar way the atmosphere is slow to react to changes in its chemistry but once change starts and it has quiet dramatically, it will flip to another state of balance but, because emissions continue there is no possibility of a next state of balance until the source of greenhouse gases is eliminated (civilization). It so to speak will just keep flipping.

screen capture of earth nul school website climate viewer page that shows the New York area at 500 parts per million CO2

New York area now near or at 500 ppm CO2.

Data source: earth null school.

What is now locked in for sure at this present range is the mid Pliocene climate of about 3.6 million years ago when the Arctic was ice free as was the west Antarctic (see picture below) and sea levels were 25 METRES (82 Feet) higher than today. If you live in a coastal town or city and its very likely you do, go down to the sea edge at high tide and imagine where the beach will be in the not too distant future. Rate of melt is still subject to difference of opinion but some such as James Hansen have found it will be much faster than first estimated.

Antarctic continent in the mid Pliocene. Wester area is ice free and sea levels 25 metres above today.

Mid Pliocene Antarctic with western side of the continent ice free and sea levels 25 metres above today.

Data source:

If money matters – the cost of global ‘natural’ disasters in 2017 was 306 billion US dollars according to insurance company Swiss Re who do the maths ever six months. That is about double the 188 billion of 2016.


God becomes Satan.

This is one of those subjects that could be a thirty thousand word essay or a single line. Been reading poems by William Blake and Allen Ginsberg’s comments on aspects of those poems. Most interestingly that God becomes Satan.

Blake devised a human universe in which four elements had to exist in balance. He gave each element a name; Urizen is ‘reason’, Tharmas is the ‘body’, Luvah is ‘emotion’ and finally Urthona ‘imagination’. Blake believed balance between all four must be maintained and if not the result would be chaos and conflict. Too much ‘body’ would result in a brutish unfeeling society and too much imagination, well we can imagine not much would get done and there would be chaos and probably conflict as well. Too much Luvah (emotion) and you end up with the Middle East or a South American communist revolution. A South American dictatorship would be an excess of Urizen (reason). The country is threatened by a communist take over so and in the minds of the existing power holders, any means used to eradicate the threat to democracy and the free market economy is simply the unfortunate price to be paid. Needless to say and consistent with Newton’s third law, the motion towards a cruel dictatorship does not stop until an opposite and at least equal force re-establishes a democratic system of government. Not usually the case if the communists win because and as history has shown the outcome of a successful far-left revolution is a swing to dictatorship by the far left. Clearly all systems based on ‘reason’ alone will end in dictatorship and the process by which a well-meaning revolutionary leader becomes a cruel dictator is that like Urizen, she or he desires more power, more territory, dominion and has an ego-centric desire for total control of nature. (Ginsberg)

Urizen is what we see in many western debates today in that Urizen is an abstract intellect that makes abstract judgments, limiting emotion and imagination. Books are again being banned, even comic strips, paintings are taken down in the name of good morals and allegedly to encourage intellectual debate. In the case of the Manchester gallery the take down itself is described as a work of art and if so, then it is a work of art signed by Urizen himself in which there is no color, no form, no imagination, no emotion and no humanity. (See my previous post on the Manchester gallery take down).

The demise of Urizen is that from God he becomes a Satan whose vision is opaque. He has eyes but can’t see what is in front of him and as such Urizen is unprolific, he can’t write poetry and can’t create anything other than that which is already in the realm of accepted and approved human experience. God or Jehovah as Ginsberg wrote has become a centralized power, lord of a materialistic world, imprisoning the mind and the imagination to moral law, bounding them down in the ropes of ignorant reason.

Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty.

Anyways – not really worth talking about freedoms, etc when we maybe have only a few more decades of civilization left.  Could be more but the collapse is now unavoidable short of God recalling all human brains for replacement with one’s that do not contain the “after me the flood’ virus.

In life there is not much happening and honestly I do get sick of nothing happening. It’s like life has come to an end. I’d welcome it were it the case but keep trying to put one foot ahead of the other, plodding on, reviewing and consolidating projects into one that has better chance of completion and trying to remain optimistic and engaged with a society I’ve come to regard with no small amount of contempt. I know that sounds awful but what can you believe of a society that has become so self-centered anything related  to materialistic well-being and amusement is more important than its children’s future? A society so cruel that justice has become public revenge, cowardly to the point of being unable to maintain the rights and freedoms previous generations paid for in blood.


Black and white photograph of Ken doll bound in wire and Kings Cross strip club in the background.Not sure whether I posted this before – it’s a picture that deals with changing concepts of gender and sexual orientations. The strip club in the background is typical of last century with it’s true and only function being reaffirming strict heterosexuality and the  female as the only socially acceptable sexual fantasy. It has as such become an icon of conservatism. What would Ken – Barbie’s boyfriend and male ideal – be in our times? Maybe a bitch boy in a LGBTQI BDSM club?



Holidays in Antarctica – it’s today (in places) hotter than Saint Tropez.

Notice the ripped into shreds pattern of both the Arctic and Antarctic jet streams.Here’s a good one – today 08/02/2018 at 14.30 Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is my time zone parts of Antarctica (5.4 C at 77.5 S / 134.7 W) are hotter than Saint Tropez (2.1 C at 43.26 N / 6.6 E) The reason in both cases is wobbly Arctic and Antarctic jet streams and for sure your friendly weather person on the television will just explain it away with a ‘high here’ and a ‘low there’ without telling you the high and lows are the result of troughs and ridges in ripped apart jet streams. Five degrees Celsius as low as 1000 hPa is fast melting ice.
Of course, it is summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the north but 2 degrees in Saint Trop is exceptionally cold, I should know I used to go there regularly, and positive temperatures in the Antarctic is ridiculously serious. Five degrees is when the kids here in the mountains strip down to T shirts and a temperature at which explorers such as Scott do not die frozen in their tents after eating the sledge dogs. It might take a long time on a human scale but the Antarctic continent will one day be barren dry rock sitting at the southern tip of a planet where life has long gone extinct.

The green areas are above zero and as you can see and on the Antarctic continent some areas are at 5 degrees Celsius or more. This is chewing away at the ice.

Saint Tropez near freezing.

The blue is zero or below zero temperatures and you can see how a trough in the jet stream has dragged this cold air all the way down to the billionaires’ play ground.

Wobbly jet streams drawing cold air over Europe. north America and Asia and warm, moist air over Antarctica.

Wobbly, wobbly, wind and trouble It’s hard to relate this mess to what was once known as the Arctic and Antarctic Jet Streams.

Trollops in the pond picture taken down from Manchester Gallery walls.

Laugh out Loud – you might have read about how the painting below was taken down from the walls of the Manchester gallery as “exploitive of women”. The official excuse given by curator Clare Gallaway was that the act of taking it down was in itself a work of art designed to start a conversation. About what – whether the picture exploits women or not? Missed completely is the fact the painting if anything is dismissive of women and certainly not exploitive because the artist does obviously not consider women worth exploiting.

Hylas and the Nymphs - Waterhouse 1896. painting of Hylas a young male been seduced into jumping into a pond full of pubescent Nymphs.

Silly boy.

OK – let’s start from the beginning. What we have is a young male been drawn into a pond full of little trollops. Notice how all the females appear stamped out of the same mould with very little variation between them and that they are at an age where they are visibly becoming women but are not quiet there and so are representative of the feminine that is neither mother nor wife and barely sexual partner. Feminine stripped of individuality, seductive maybe but mostly useless because any meaningful relationship is impossible.
Now, the male, Hylas is depicted as a beautiful youth on the cusp of full manhood, a strong individual he is clad in a clinging robe that describes his body near as well as would nakedness and were that not enough indication of his potential as a sexual partner, the robe is held in place by a bright red sash – so you the viewer can’t miss it. One good tug and the gymnastics are on. Sex is present in this painting but it’s sex that does not involve the Nymphs. Hylas’ lover and sexual partner is absent from this picture.

The back-story tells us Hylas was ‘a servant’ of Heracles and I think it safe to say ‘servant’ in this context means younger lover. The poet Theocritus wrote about the love between Hylas and Heracles in the 3rd century BC. Hylas was so beautiful the Nymphs collectively fell in love with him and devised a plan to get him for their own immoral purposes. They seduce him, kidnap him, Heracles looks for him but eventually gives up. The painting shows the silly boy been drawn into the trollop pond and his destruction.
Morality? Young beautiful men should stay with their man lovers until ready to marry and not allow themselves to be seduced by loose little trollops.

1898 the year this painting was created was the time of Oscar Wilde’s trial and incarceration and this painting fits well into that era of what we call gay rights now but then was more social movement seeking acceptance of relationships between same-gender youth and adults. What they called Greek love. The debate was widespread throughout Europe between the elite, artists and writers and other intellectuals. This painting could easily be seen as part of that debate and have nothing at all to do with ‘exploitation of women’ as understood today. I find it incomprehensible that a woman who is curator of a major public gallery could misread a painting to the point of giving it a completely false interpretation. Or did she? By taking the painting down and framing the debate as one about the alleged past exploitation of women she draws public attention away from the actual meaning of Waterhouse’s work.