Monthly Archives: March 2018

Idiots galore and hack attempt on the art website.

Long time since my last post and planning it to be video and shot in a beautiful location. Soon.

Otherwise and update on what going on, I’m making good progress on a project which I won’t describe because becoming a bit superstitious and believe it’s best not to tell anyone details of a project until it’s completed. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with getting the reward before the work is done or whatever.

Idiots galore. Check out the picture below taken a few days ago when I was out doing my usual 50 km mountain bike ride. Some idiot has been lighting fires along the Oaks trail and at regular intervals which is a clear indication of intent to start the mother of all bush fires. You have to wonder sometimes if these criminal idiots stop to think about the possible consequences? As in people and animals burnt alive and damage to the environment. Often these people are kids who are known to be firebugs, people with a grudge against the world or deranged firefighters in need of hero worship.


Burnt bush along The Oaks trail, Blue Mountains, new South Wales, Australia. Photo Paul Nyssen.

The other thing I want to mention is – and the person(s) responsible could well be reading this – that yet another attempt was made to hack my art website. The attempt failed but I have the IP addresses and will pass on the information to the cyber crime people when their online reporting system will let me do so. I get an error message every time I try to fill out the reporting form and am waiting for their tech people to get back to me with a solution to this problem. The last time an art website of mine was hacked they loaded it up with child abuse material and when I managed with great difficulty to regain access to the site’s admin panel and clean out the filth in the following days I started receiving emails with attached zip files from persons with IP addresses that placed them in Australia and the United States. Needless to specify what was in the zip files… That was in 2009 and the games have continued since then and this latest attempt is most likely the same persons having yet another try. Anyway – if the attempt cannot be logged with the government cyber crime agency it is logged with the private cyber security organization who have successfully and once again foiled an attack on my websites.