Brrrrr – too cold

The winter bike trip, as it turned out, was a nice idea. The one thing I didn’t anticipate was that overnight temperatures would drop to sub-zero. In the early hours of Thursday and unable to sleep, I realized the sides of the swag were frozen. I was told next morning by a security guard from a nearby power station and who probably feared I was some greenie intent on doing evil to the coal-fired station, that it had hit -5. That’s OK if you have a sleeping bag which I didn’t because there was no room left on the trailer and I thought the swag and sleeping fully dressed would be sufficient. Anyway, learned a few things and the next attempt will be in Spring.

Hill on the way to Lithgow with mountain bike and trailer in the foreground.

Steep and a long 2.5 kilometer pushing the bike and trailer.

Dead Wombat on the highway west of Lithgow.

Felt like a dead wombat myself – the hills are a killer!

Swag, mountain bie and trailer by the side of the highway to Mudgee.

Setting up camp by the side of the Mudgee highway. In the early hours of the morning I realized the swag’s canvas was frozen.

Also, just have to make a comment about president Trump’s latest act in ‘make America great again’. In what is the gravest threat to ever confront the human species, he decides to align the United States with Syria and Nicaragua and has effectively surrendered leadership in solving this problem to China. I’d be very surprised if the nations who did sign off on the Paris agreement accept a renegotiation and the way they will most likely deal with the United States will be with a punitive carbon tax slapped on everything it tries to export. Net result? More rust in the rust belt.

The fact is that, and regardless of America’s greatness, at the very least we have to bring the carbon level back to 350 parts per million or less for life on this planet to continue. I’m an optimist, it will be done with the only question being, at what cost? Climate catastrophe is just not going to happen.