Heroes in our thoughts and prayers.

There are those who talk and those who do.

I received the letter below from the ‘White Helmets’ – heroes who risk their lives to save others.

      Dear Paul,

   In response to the tragic fire at the Grenfell Tower in London the White
   Helmets have sent a letter to the firefighters responding. We're sharing
   it with you because it is an inspiring testament that humanity has no

   To the London Fire Brigade from the Syrian Civil Defence [White Helmets]
   in Daraa, Southern Syria:

   We were saddened to hear about the loss of souls in the Grenfell Tower
   fire, including Mohammad al-Haj Ali, a Syrian from our home of Daraa who
   had fled to London seeking safety from death and destruction.  
   We appreciate your efforts to search for bodies for days in a row and we
   feel your pain because this horror is our daily reality. In Daraa, we’re
   under the heaviest attacks we’ve ever seen in this deadly war. Hundreds of
   airstrikes have destroyed entire neighbourhoods and fires are everywhere.
   Just like you, our teams are rushing towards the blazes and we do all we
   can to rescue the injured.  

   The past 16 days have seen 88 people killed and nearly 35,000 civilians
   displaced from their homes.

   A civil defence centre was targeted and destroyed, and 5 volunteers were
   injured in the bombing -- as you know it’s a terrible thing to see your
   teammates suffer.

   You have been so generous to us, donating equipment to our teams when you
   met with our teammates in London. We’ve received trainings from British
   experts in search-and-rescue and firefighting. Who knows, we might have
   been trained by the same people. And who knows we might also be saving the
   lives of the friends of Mohammad al-Haj Ali here in Daraa.

   We feel we have so much in common. We all risk our own lives to save as
   many lives as possible as fast as possible. Our hearts are with you and we
   wish we could help you in your search for victims.  
   We send you strength for your mission and we hope to meet you one day.

   The Syria Civil Defence [White Helmets] of Daraa

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