Well done Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo has upset the thought police again with squashed persons and the words ‘Islam Religion of Peace… Eternal!’ on the front cover of a recent edition. See below.

The problem with Charlie Hebdo in these times of mass and instant communications is that it is seen, probably rarely read, by people who for reasons of cultural difference simply don’t get the joke and even less the usefulness of how Charlie Hebdo deals with serious social problems. Charlie Hebdo states in plain written and visual text what many are thinking and in doing so they defuse the potential for violent retaliation that might be contained in those thoughts. It is not Islam that is ridiculed in the image but rather the twisted interpretation of Islam used by terrorists to justify their barbarity but, in doing so the Charlie Hebdo image also challenges mainstream Muslims to prove the terrorist interpretation of Islam is indeed twisted. Everyone says it is but no one has pointed to any specific passage of the Koran that forbids violence against non-Muslims.

I say well done Charlie Hebdo and pity such a magazine would be illegal – yes and absolutely – here in Australia where we only have as much freedom of speech as the politicians of the moment allow.

Cover of Charlie Hebdo magazine with van and dead people with the words "Islam Religion of Eternal Peace'.