He put his hand on my butt!

Watching the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) news this morning and of course the big story is the increasing number of Hollywood sex scandals. They, the ABC, will run this for days, weeks and even years if a sufficient number of women and past junior employees are willing to take a deep breath, stand up and declare, “Fifty years ago HE put his hand on my butt and, and my life, career, self-esteem, ability to water the garden is be ruined!” It’s an insult to the real victims of sexual assault.

I mean like, Spacey sexually assaulted an eighteen-year-old man in a restaurant? Ever heard of “Hey – you’re holding the wrong dick buddy…” It happens, if in the Spacey case it did indeed, and anyone who was a good-looking teen boy or girl can tell you of a few incidents where they have had to slap a meandering hand. If it never happened to you, you were probably shit ugly or mummy never let you out into the backyard without a chaperon. You poor thingy.

The funny part of the ABC’s story this morning was the cross to an interview of a woman whose name and position I missed but who enthusiastically launched into a diatribe about how ‘our’ stories are told by men and therefore there is a need to eliminate as many men as possible from Hollywood, etc. The interview was abruptly cut short and the (female) news reader with a ‘you fucking dumb bitch’ look on her face, moved on to the next story. Too late.

There is no excuse for sexual assault but unwanted sexual attention is just part of the life of the young and beautiful. You learn to deal with it and if you don’t know how then speak to your grandparents who probably know a lot more about sex and human failings than you could ever imagine because they have lived, loved and know there is a difference between life and some abstract concept of a perfect society itself often motivated by sexual envy, financial greed, ambition and chips on the shoulder.

The other damaging aspect of this current trend to rush to the media and make allegations of sexual misconduct, usually against a person with sufficient cash in the bank to make the lie worthwhile and the best lies are, as said a friend whose uncle was an expert con artist, substantially true, is that the targeted person suffers a loss of social standing and career before even having the opportunity to deny or tell their side of the story. This is extra-judicial punishment a person suffers for what could well be spurious allegations made maybe out of spite for the celebrity putting his hand on a teen-boy’s butt and not that of his mummy. It makes all the more shocking the airing of these unproven allegations that journalists, and ABC journalists especially, should know the first question you ask someone who approaches you with dirt is “Why did you come to me first and not the police?” If Spacey had sexually assaulted a teenage boy then his mother, if the boy is too shattered to do so himself, should have gone to the police first and when the allegations have been investigated and charges if any are laid, then and only then call a press conference. As things stand now, Spacey could not expect a fair trial and even if this doesn’t go to court the damage is done, down goes another male creator of culture.

The result of this trend could be unexpected by those driving it. Maybe that could be that no man in his right mind would work with a woman or young person of either gender without insisting on the presence of an independent witness? Constant video recording? Maybe worse still, that these women get what they want and men are driven out of what to date we find they do extremely well; create culture. I can’t imagine western culture without its male contributors and the best amongst them are and have always been for thousands of years those whose sexuality did then and still does today, raise a few eyebrows. Ladies be careful of what you wish for because it could quickly become a put up or shut up situation your daughters find themselves in but by then it could also be too late. We will have a culture but one that is mainstream in all its mediocrity.