Art site.

Art site back up and running and now nose to the grindstone working up more content rather than just recycling what was previously there. URL? I’ll post that when it’s worth visiting and those who have been following this blog for a while would know it already.

Picture of the day is a test picture made a while ago to evaluate/learn software, production methods and style. I rather like it so something maybe worth pursuing further and the news is that this is actually well – underway. Can we revive counter-culture?

The graffiti on the right is from the Berlin Wall of course and to the left it’s Allen Ginsberg with reference to his poem ‘Please Master’.

Bande Dessinee style image of two boys near a wall with graffiti and drain pipe.

Translation: Kid with hoodie, ‘You killed him my prince’. Kid with black T shirt ‘See Djinn – his intense pleasure’.

Seriously having the time of my life.