Letter to the Americans from Michael Curry. (bishop)

Loved the sermon of bishop Michael Curry at the marriage of Harry and Meghan for a few reasons.

One that he spoke at length about Love and what Teilhard de Chardin had to say about it – chapter five (from memory) of de Chardin’s book “The Human Phenomena”. (Le Phénomène humain).

Second were the reactions in the attendance such as Elton John looking as though he had just had a spoonful of cod liver oil poured down his throat.

Third and best of all was the reaction of my house mate who is a refugee and hero of the Uruguayan communist resistance. No – her name is not Michele. I said Uruguayan and not French. A communist, words such as Christ, Jesus, religion, faith, etc have a weird effect on her atheist gland and minutes into the bishop’s sermon she was wailing in agony, pleading for the torture to stop and when it didn’t, she resorted to burying her face in the sofa and pulling a cushion tightly over her head and ears, she vocalized loud and repeated La – La – La – La – La – La – La’s to drown out that which a communist cannot stand to hear. The spectacle reminded me of a film about a little girl whose head had this tendency to spin around.

Anyway, things returned to normal after the sermon but if anyone had any doubt it is past time Australia became a republic then one look at the people sitting in that church should suffice to change their minds. No offense intended to the young couple as it’s not Harry’s fault he was raised by a family of inbreeds living in public housing.

Curry’s sermon was I think in no small measure intended for his home audience with yet another school shooting and those ongoing problems of race and migration. A good start for fixing the shooting epidemic would be changing the culture of fear and resorting to violence as a first response to any problem that may arise. Check out any so-called action movie, the hero is a typical patriotic United States citizen, a nice person minding their own business and enjoying a happy and loving environment and then something bad happens. What does this person do? Break open the box where all the weapons are stashed and after a sufficient body count has been reached our hero rejoins his or her loved ones and with greatly enhanced hero status. Should we be surprised that monkey do as monkey see?

There’s of course the problem of the news media who just love scaring their audiences into madly emailing politicians demanding tougher laws, penalties and more cruelty in the way the monster-under-the-bed is put to death. Again reinforcing the culture of violence as first and often only response.

Not that we are immune to fear and cowardice here in the great southern land with just days ago police given the power to stop and demand identification from anyone who doesn’t take their fancy. Asked by journalists why we need yet another loss of civil rights here in the land of the fair go and mateship our prime minister simply and flatly said “We live in dangerous times”. A Syrian, Yemeni or citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo would laugh but the best bit in all this is that carrying identification is not compulsory in Australia. That’s probably next on the governments ‘to do’ list.