My other site down and stuff.

Other than working on the comic strip I’m also looking at ways to upload 3d and virtual reality content to the Internet and have run into a few problems. One of those is that WordPress which ‘powers’ this and my other website does not support interactive content other than with a plug-in that enables 3d images and video but not the game-like interactivity I want. The WordPress blog says they are working on this but a possible solution could be to upload the VR content to a standard site and then link it into the WP sites using iframe. Something tells me it won’t work but with enthusiasm and determination to try this workaround I created a subdomain to the WordPress art site only to find it wasn’t visible.

My entrails told me this was going to become a major problem and so contacted the tech support people who advised I needed to change where the DNS points and in ‘up to 24 hours’ the change would propagate and all would be hunky dory. No worries and phew – my entrails were wrong, I did as instructed and found that the change also took the main site off air but a day would not be a major issue. That was three days ago and so far the change has propagated to two – yes two – countries. Now waiting for the good tech people to get back to me with a solution and so can’t say when the art site will be back up.

Talking about entrails and technology-related health issues, I surrendered under the duress of VR creation to the need to upgrade my coding skills and am now spending time learning Python and Java. I kid you not – when I look at code I have an allergic reaction that manifests itself as stomach cramps, sweaty palms and dizziness.  Still, I’m managing to finish modules and maybe this gradual acclimatization to complicated shallow thinking will cure what to a creative person is as boring as watching paint dry. To explain – a creative work is born deep within and then by force of having to manifest itself to the world, it rises up as Ginsberg explained and spews out of the artist. Today with virtual reality creating a space accessible to anyone with an Internet connection there is no escape from learning the tools needed to place texts of all kinds within this space. Actually, virtual reality is not new – Michael Angelo’s Sistine chapel paintings create a virtual environment designed to give the Renaissance peasant a vision of what heaven and hell could be. Pretty sure that had he lived today he would dump paintbrush, hammer and chisel for camera and computer.

OK and other than we are all happy the Thai boys were found safe and healthy, I’ll just dump a link here to a recent Human Rights Watch report on the treatment of gays in Indonesia. If you believe human rights are important including those of people you don’t like or agree with, then maybe cancel that holiday in Indonesia? Who would want to visit a nation where men – for whatever reason – are paraded naked in front of a jeering crowd?