Art site back up.


Art site is back up with subdomain working happy to say but not happy that the down was caused by yours-truly making a mistake doing something as simple as changing dns settings. Yes – head hanging in shame.

Otherwise – busy busy working on comic strip, learning virtual reality and were that not enough and as I mentioned previously, doing a python course. I’ll admit that after the initial shock to my right-hemisphere-dominated brain had passed I’m even beginning to enjoy giving the left side a work out.

Otherwise and talking about the comic strip – below is a screen capture of the Krita UI in which I’m drawing an action that involves the story’s protagonist being shown a way to escape being shot by rogue police – the story is set in the early stages of a civilization in an advanced state of decay. The picture shows my methodology when drawing humans in action and basically just relies on first establishing a line of action, then a stick figure and then fleshing it out and finally adding details. Such as folds in clothes which are problematic in that folds which can be either stretch or gather are often very tricky to get right. The issue is and one that is not so obvious is that our perception or memory of any object is usually dominated by the up and down forgetting the fore and aft. That being if we can usually easily know or can guess how wide and how high something is, it is more difficult to work out and draw how deep it is. I find I have to conscientiously keep this in mind as a mistake in depth is often the reason something just doesn’t look right.

Quick – come!