Added a page with a few words about my 2009 arrest.

Checking as one does what turns up when you enter your name into the Google search box I found the Sydney Morning Herald article published in 2009 is still there. I was in contact with that newspaper and asked their head of news to get in contact with me but no joy. It appears some stories are indeed too good to be false. Anyway – who gives a rat’s ass but have added a page here with a few words of response to what was alleged. Don’t expect a ‘tell all’ rather regret and a ‘not my loss but yours’.

Other than that life goes on. I re-upped some stuff on the art website, changed the theme and made it primarily about photography, am continuing the comic strip which at this pace will never complete but who cares, the process itself is fun. With the temperature climbing to levels where riding the mountain bike becomes possible even for senior citizens, I’ve also been out beating the dirt tracks. Last Sunday I did 100 kilometers mostly on dirt and was so stuffed I missed watching the motoGP.

Black and white picture of lone man in Parramatta railway station tunnel. Photograph by Paul Nyssen.

Pretty happy with this one. Had to wait until he wasn’t looking up and there was no other people in shot.

Aside from all that continuing the Python course which I’m about a third of the way through and also working on taking my photography skills to where I want them to be. That involves really drilling down into the workings of camera and editing software and studying in detail the works of photographers I admire. All that to say I’m keeping busy if only to remain of sane mind and body. Finally and despite making conscientious efforts to achieve the void and not spent hours writing passionate pieces on subjects such as civil liberties and climate change, the urge is near irresistible and for sure I will give in to temptation.

Best to all.

Blue Mountains scrub with burnt bushes from recent fires and my mountain bike.

Back out on the tracks now that I can ride without my hands and nose turning purple.