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Uploaded pics to the photography section including a few Mardi Gras pictures that are not bad in that there are issues which could have been avoided had I been more focused on what the camera was telling me rather than chatting with beautiful young men with glitter on their bare chests. What I mean is that I was changing settings as the light changed but it was best guess and processing the RAW files I realised I could have set a higher aperture without loosing too much shutter speed. In some upwards shots of above mentioned beautiful young men the belly button is in focus but the nose is a little blurred and to make matters worse, looking at the data I found that for the same exposure I had more than enough shutter speed up my sleeve to increase aperture by a stop or two.

Why worry about such details when my preferred style throws a lot of that out the window when processing? Because technically better pictures give me greater control over what I want blurred and over the tonal range. I might want parts of the picture more traditionally focused and exposed when say the expression of a person is vitally important and will degrade until that expression just starts getting lost and then come back and to do that the more pixel data in the RAW file the better. What I’m looking for, and with difficulty and often unsuccessfully, is to strip down a picture to the barest expression of the emotion I’m trying to communicate. I believe the strength of photography is its ability to literally snap the information behind a fleeting emotion one can get just walking around a city with human senses set to high. The end result can be literally thousands of pictures that leave you wondering what drugs you were on when you took them but amongst all the trash can lie a little gem and it’s not always the picture you thought.

Continuing this self-criticism, the other mistake I made last Saturday night was to have the camera set up to alternate between video and stills. The Speedlight remained in my camera bag because I had the external microphone sitting on top of the camera which I found prevented me from getting my eye close enough to the viewfinder and some badly framed pictures were the result.

All in all, I had fun but as I said in my previous post, felt a little down when travelling back up to the Blue Mountains. I suppose it is in part due to my Dilly experience as a teenager – and that of many others – but also that what started as a liberation movement in the late sixties sacrificed much of what was uniquely gay culture when in the following decades, it morphed into a rights movement. What is left is the expression of a stereotype and one palatable to conservatives that gay men are ‘the best friends of women’, always have a ‘bon mot’ and generally are a source of innocuous even if a little outrageous, public amusement. In opinion, behaviour and public image the G in LGBTQI has become a bit too much like Burroughs’ “puppets on strings” for comfort.

Anyways… More pix soon and next Friday is the kids’ climate demo so will be again in the city taking pictures and this time paying more attention to the camera as I expect, if it’s a sunny day, the light will be difficult to work with given the shadows cast by surrounding tall buildings.