Free media chucked out the door.

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Disappointing to see the footage of Julian Assange dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy like an old carpet. He knew it was coming and there is no point arguing with the removalists. Back straight, head high — raise your handcuffed hands for the world to see. Not easy, of course.

Cowardly reaction from all governments involved and from the news media who left expressing outrage to experts, associates and friends of Julian.

What was dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy was independent journalism, a precedent has been set and no-one is now safe from stitch-up and arrest.

I doubt Julian’s legal team will be able to do much, the planners of this operation have obviously covered all contingencies including any reaction from the social justice warriors – Sweden has just reminded everyone of the rape allegation by saying they might ‘reopen the case’. It’s unlikely Julian would get extradited to Sweden for a rape charge he was always prepared to defend and as the system works, where there are two or more competing extradition requests, the most serious takes precedence. Between espionage and a dubious ‘rape’ allegation it’s clear, and the Swedes know it, he would be extradited to the United States and possibly never see the outside world again.

Also getting no coverage on our local news media at least, is that Chelsea Manning was re-arrested. For refusing to testify against Julian. Wouldn’t want the courageous support of a transsexual undermining the ongoing smear campaign designed to portray Julian as a not very nice person who allegedly did unspeakable things such as poke his dick against the bum of a woman with whom he just had consensual sex. Smear campaign cheer-leaded over past years by news publications such as ‘The Guardian’, who and like Le Monde, The New York Times, El Pais, etc re-published what Wikileaks had published. But none of their editors were dragged out the door and dumped in a police van. Extraordinary. Wikileaks obtained information that is in the public interest and published it – that’s what the ‘fourth estate’ (news media) does and the correct functioning of democracy depends on it.

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