Changes – Update



Next great adventure is looking like an extended bicycle ride into the drought affected ‘outback’. Not much in the news about that except the usual suffering farmer who ‘is resilient and confident the drought will break soon’. Science tells us something completely different but that doesn’t appear to matter to those who get their weather predictions from far-right politicians.

Right now I’m between places I could call home and sleeping on couches. Soon it will be a very small tent when next week I go for a test ride. The logic being that if something is going to break either on bike or the trailer it will be pulling, chances are that will occur in the first few days. I’ve already spotted the rear derailer cable needs changing. Again.

Other than that preparations include deciding how much gear to take. I want to include both my Sony RX 100 and the Canon 70D with a selection of lenses, plus the external battery pack, and the microphone, and don’t forget to pump up the trailer’s tyre. Security of all this gear is also a concern.

Test ride will happen next week but with the Canon going to hospital for a long-overdue  clean out I’ll only be taking the Sony.  All going well – making a long arc through drought-affected territory will happen shortly after that.

Living the homeless person’s life doesn’t mean I don’t continue to always have the Sony in my backpack and this afternoon was ‘mildly amused’ by graffiti found under a bridge somewhere in the burbs. OK – SJWs would be a good idea to rethink identity politics because what pleasures a person is obviously no longer proof they fit into a clearly defined little box. Males enjoying anal sex but who would not identify as gay? Ouch. Could Kinsey have got it right last century?