Monday is now the day.

Hold-ups a plenty including in the end biting the bullet and buying a new bike. I need something reliable and felt my mountain bike was getting a bit too thrashed out. Other issues also but should be out of Sydney this Monday and on my way out into the outback. I was planning to get to Melbourne for the 20th of September climate strike but that will not be possible. An appointment in the Sydney region I can’t get out of, so I will have to limit this trip to New South Wales and within a few days riding from where I can catch a train back towards Sydney.
Good news is that I’ve been offered a place (again in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains)and that will be available mid next month. All together things are working out quite well, I want to be in Sydney for the 7th of October Extinction Rebellion climate demo which I’m told could last days meaning participants will be sleeping in the city and wherever possible. Should be some good shots and video in that.
Below is a photo I took about a week ago of my anarchist and Aboriginal activist friend Ali placing flowers of the tomb of planet Earth. Ali is amazing, she is the founder of Extinction Rebellion Blue Mountains (XRBM) which in ten weeks grew from a few to now close to 300 members! Just the XRBM choir has grown to 100 members!

Black and white photograph of Ali placing flowers on the tomb of planet Earth. Katoomba New South Wales Australia.
Ali – founder of Extinction Rebellion Blue Mountains.