Back for a few days.

Back in the Sydney region for a few days before heading bush again. The ride was difficult and given the area covered is in a ‘green drought, the pictures taken do not reflect the seriousness of the situation in rural New South Wales. How serious? Locals I found are reluctant to say much more than, “It’s tough” or “It’s bad” but numbers speak, the Macquarie river which flows through outback New South Wales normally receives a yearly input of near 1500GL but over the past 2 years has received just 94GL.
Anyways – thought I’d upload a few pictures from last week’s ride out west.

The horrendous hill between Mount Victoria and Lithgow. Goes on for about 3 kilometres.
Tent frosted over after night camping by the side of the highway between Lithgow and Bathurst.
Waking up after a freezing first night camping by the side of the highway I found the tent was frosted over.
Instrument for measuring rainfall in paddock.
Across the fence spotted this rather archaic instrument for measuring the near non-existent rainfall.
The rydal pub and bicycle and trailer.
Pub was closed but got some much needed water from a tap on the side of the building. I did knock.
Dead fox by the side of the highway between Lithgow and Bathurst.
About halfway and with endless hills, I started to feel like this unfortunate fella.
Bong by the side of the road.
Also by the side of the road, evidence the drought is not the only problem in rural areas.
Bush landscape between Lithgow and Bathurst.
What’s called a ‘green drought’. Very dry but just enough humidity to turn the grass a little bit green.
Bike and trailer outside Bathurst railway station.
Had to wait 4 hours for the train back to Lithgow. I decided I’d never ride the Lithgow to Bathurst highway again. Too many hills and very dangerous for cyclists.
Lithgow station platform at near 2.30am with bike and trailer.
Got to Lithgow at about 11.30pm and was told the next connecting train to Sydney was at 03.49am. No waiting room and freezing cold.