A few pictures from the School Strike for Climate demo in Sydney 20/09

Last Friday’s school strike was a success with an estimated 80,000 participants. Many school children but at a guess, near as many adults. Parents accompanying their children and adults and organisations such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International and various trade unions there in support of those who can’t vote as yet.A great day and hopefully the politicians are listening.
I took approximately 1000 pictures but from the beginning realised there was a problem with the camera’s firmware. Pictures with much less depth of focus than would normally be the case with the aperture stopped at f8, slow recording, setting changing and the auto focus either not finding anything to grab or grabbing the wrong thing. OK – I thought, humidity and probably because the heavy canvas bag I keep the camera in was humid and heating up in the sun, it gave the camera a stream bath. The electronics don’t like it. Out in the streets of Bangkok a few years ago, the thing actually stopped working all together and on forums I found it’s a known fault with some Canon cameras. Anyways… below are a few near chosen at random from the thousand.
With climate disaster photography, it rained in the region where I wanted to go next and so expect it will be in ‘green drought’ for a few weeks so have delayed that excursion. ‘Green drought’ is when there is just enough humidity to turn grass green but the soil under it remains dry.

Two boys holding up Blue Mountains Extinction Rebellion banner at school strike for climate demo in Sydney 20 September.
Two young guys from the Blue Mountains Extinction Rebellion group.
Two little boys with banner and holding hands at the school strike for climate demo 20 september.
Could not pass this photo opportunity and it brings into focus whose future is at stake.
Boy with plackard 'Scomo - You Suck at school strike for climate demo in Sydney.
‘Scomo’ is Scott Morrison, the Australian prime minister.
Smiling woman with daughter at school strike for climate in Sydney.
Also loved this mother / daughter moment.
Two children with 'No Planet B' banner sitting on harbour bridge ledge.
I think ‘two children’ is safer to use here – great kids.
Little girl protestor walking across Sydney Harbour Bridge holding a banner. School Strike for Climate Sydney.
Bless her heart and yes – how dare politicians put money ahead of this child’s future.
School children with banners protesting for climate action near Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Kids near Sydney Harbour Bridge and out in force demanding climate action.
Protestor with colourfully decorated bicycle at School Strike for Climate demo in Sydney's 'Domain'.
Hope to see him again at the major Sydney demo on the 7th of October.

Woman holding plackard at climate demo with Harbour Bridge in the background.
Great to see people you would not normally expect to attend a demo.
Mum affectionately touching boy's chin at School Strike for Climate demo. Sydney.
Another great mother child moment I snapped walking past and, thanked the mother for a great shot. She laughed.
Kids in the Domain playing with the oversize  Earth ball.
Yes humans have that ability to play with the planet.
Probably tired by then but no excuses for spoiling this great shot by simply not bothering to increase shutter speed. Shame on the photographer.
Cheeky teen at School Strike for Climate in Sydney's Domain.
Takes one to know one? Cheeky boy in the Domain.
Boy and little girl climate protesters on Sydney's Harbour Bridge.
Kids on the march, nothing can stop this movement now.


Next demo is the 7th of October and worldwide! Be there.