Back online and tomorrow is the day. World Climate Demo.

Sorry for the down time of these past few days. Apparently the server crashed.

OK – now back online and it’s on peoples – the tipping point where humans finally start reacting to the climate emergency has been reached and a massive thanks to that Swedish high-school girl, Greta Thunberg for her courage and determination. I hope she gets that Nobel Peace Prize.

Myself I’ll be in Sydney with cameras and this time will make sure the Canon is not suffering from humidity sickness. There’s always the little Sony with which I took the drought photos out west and which all made it passed the stock-photography assessors. Weird, I even had the thing on full auto, literally ‘point and shoot’ and the reason was that with the glare of the sun I couldn’t see the preview screen anyway. Surprised most were even straight.

With the pictures taken at the school kid demo, I found many were just generic and blah and the few more interesting ones were all cropped in tight on a person or notable group, like the kids laughing as they played with the big globe. What was it Robert Capa said…

So next time and that is of course this Monday, I’ll be paying more attention to seeking out the characters and the out-there. Action makes for great pictures but honestly, I hope all goes smoothly because without action on climate the future, and not that far off, is ugly enough. Mass civil unrest, starvation, breakdown of civilisation, war and nuclear is not unimaginable.

Here’s a good one for all you people in the United States and Europe where generally freedom of thought, free speech, the right of assembly, right to demonstrate, etc are enshrined in your constitutions. Well here in our great Australian democracy our ‘Home Affairs’ minister, Peter Dutton, is calling for ‘mandatory sentences’ for climate protesters. You see, none of those rights are guaranteed here – for example you only have as much free speech as the legislators of the moment allow. So the government could, if it got the numbers in parliament, pass a law effectively making it illegal to demand the government act in the interest of children and not in the interest of mining companies many of which operate in ‘Queensland’ from where hails our ‘Home Affairs’ minister.