Phew – what a day! Climate Demo Sydney

Just finished the first phase of processing about 100 pictures of the 550 taken today and would post some, but they all now have to be reduced in size for upload. Too late now so will do that as soon as possible. Probably tomorrow.

The demo went well with at midday a family friendly event near the Opera House and later I made my way to Sydney’s Central station where I joined up with a street protest that blocked one of Sydney’s main streets. It went well, there were reportedly 30 arrests and the police went about their job, I feel, with minimum force and numbers.

Local public and corporate media were there and from the reports I watched, the coverage was as expected. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s news bulletin had a ruby game as lead story and gave it 7 minutes, then came our protest which got all of 2 minutes. As a federally-funded organization, I think they know who butters their bread so minimal coverage to anything that would upset the conservatives in power or that is not about women.
The tone of the commercial media’s coverage, I watched the ‘7 News’ bulletin, was negative whilst trying hard to appear impartial. Basically, layabout, dole bludgers upsetting the public and wasting police resources and, mention made of Peter Dutton’s plan for mandatory sentences for climate protesters.

Anyways – will upload the pictures soon and will have a bit more to say.

Blessings to all.