Much demonstrating for climate action.

Could be excused for now finding the entire exercise useless but have spent most of my time these recent weeks participating in various climate demos. Can’t go down without at least trying to get some action. Apparently, I was told, I was in the evening news – walking past and pulling up my jeans. Hope that wasn’t counted in my fifteen minutes.


Dying In on the Pitt Street Mall last Thursday in Sydney.

So why useless? Hope no kids are reading this but to save life on Earth we need to do three things and soon. Drum roll please…

First – Reduce greenhouse emissions down to zero by 2025.

Second – Suck billions of tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere and find a way to safely store it underground. Continue sucking until ppm CO2 in the atmosphere drops to 300 or less.

Third – Deploy solar radiation management technologies to cool the Arctic.

Literally hundreds of trillions of dollars worth, and we need a worldwide mobilisation such as the human species has never been able to achieve before.

OK… deniers and other criminals who delayed climate action better start running and take your families with you because there is going to be a lot of angry people wanting revenge. As the mobs do when they need to deflect blame.



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