Climate change denying even when there’s a risk of wide-spread crispy.

Today the fire risk up here in the mountains west of Sydney is classified as ‘catastrophic’. High temperatures predicted, gusty strong winds, bush land well stocked with dry fuel, all the ingredients present for the place to go up in flames. Crispy. In the Sydney region the students of 350 schools have the day off.

Up early this morning and making a cup of tea, I was listening to an interview of our state premier, Gladys Berejiklian on Radio National (ABC). She was eager to let us all know how disastrous conditions are, the record number of volunteer fire fighters on stand-by, that rumors of funding cuts are lies, and that her pro-coal and conservative government was working hard and spending big to save lives and property. Then the interviewer had the cheek to ask whether the catastrophic fires up north and conditions in the Sydney basin would change her position on climate change? Incensed she said now was not the time for ‘that debate’ and she cut the interview short, saying she was very busy with saving lives and properties, and had to go.

Speaking about the lack of action here in Australia, David Spratt (scientist) and Ian Dunlop (Rome Institute) wrote in the overview of their paper “The Third Degree” that,

“Because of this complacent, group-think leadership failure, the Australian community is totally unprepared for the climate impacts which are already causing havoc across the continent, and will escalate. The threat is not new, having been foreshadowed by the scientific community for decades. In this context, such attitudes represent nothing less than criminal negligence by our political and corporate incumbency”.

The Third Degree: Evidence and implications for Australia of existential climate-related security risk. July 2019. David Spratt & Ian Dunlop.

What’s the penalty for criminal negligence causing death and destruction..?