Criminal Climate Change Deniers need to face trial.

On the local news today we have – drum roll please – New water restrictions because the reservoirs are dropping, ongoing catastrophic drought in the outback, above-normal temperatures in near all major Australian cities, Sydney blanketed in bushfire smoke with air quality as bad as Beijing’s, all schoolkids kept inside because the kiddies runaround a lot which pumps much pollution into their little lungs, bushfires all over the state of New South Wales and Queensland, and a federal government denying there is a problem.

In the overview of their report, “The Third Degree: Evidence and implications for Australia of existential climate-related security risk”, published in July 2019, David Spratt and Ian Dunlop wrote,

Because of this complacent group-think leadership failure, the Australian community is totally unprepared for the climate impacts which are already causing havoc across the continent, and which will escalate. The threat is not new, having been foreshadowed by the scientific community for decades. In this context, such attitudes represent nothing less than criminal negligence by our political and corporate incumbency.

Should we start thinking about a Nuremberg-style court for climate-change-deniers who deliberately stood in the way of action that could have saved our younger generation from facing the collapse of civilisation, economic collapse, mass civil unrest, war and starvation, and more which we won’t mention…