Non-event Climate Demo.

Yesterday, Friday the 29th was supposed to be a school strike for climate and it started rather well outside the Sydney headquarters of the Liberal Party, that’s the conservatives here in Australia. Speeches from young bushfire victims, an Aboriginal activist, the Red Rebels made an appearance, and a sixteen-year-old boy sung Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ without anyone reaching for their ear buds.

Climate protesters outside the Liberal party Sydney headquarters.
Not great numbers but a good mix of young and old, Extinction Rebellion Blue Mountains was there.


Red Rebels at demonstation outside the Sydney headquarters of the Liberal party.
The famous Red Rebels made an appearance.

Our Blue Mountains Extinction Rebellion group then went on the Townhall for what we thought would be another climate demonstration but again and sadly, it turned out to be another screeching session from the far left about how they will ‘tear down the system’. Exactly the words used by the far left in the United States and a deluded goal Obama warned against saying, most Americans don’t want to tear down the system. Pushing hard on an unrealistic political agenda will only help Trump get re-elected. Same here in Australia, the climate-change denying incumbents must love it and I have to wonder whether these wannabe revolutionaries are not on the payroll of the coal mining industry. How to make the climate movement unpopular with the average voter? Just make it look like a conspiracy of the far left to achieve what they have failed to do in near two centuries.

People standing outside townhall, Sydney, waiting for a climate demonstration.
Numbers at what was supposed to be a climate demonstration were disappointing.


Danny the social justice sandwich man with members of Extinction Rebellion.
Now well-known Danny with his dog at Townhall.


Group of teenage communists with red flags at Sydney Townhall.
With only two years to ‘tear down and rebuild the system’ before runaway climate change – better get started rather than loitering around in the city.

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