Man up or step aside.

Funny listening to Scott Morrison – our dear leader back from holidays in Hawaii – speaking about the bushfires. For sure, he is like a firefighter trying to contain what is impossible to extinguish. Hoping the fires will burn out long before the next election and the most important thing on peoples’ minds will be the balance of their bank accounts. Containment is the word of the day, not what can be done to avoid future disasters. That would involve staring down climate change and gathering up the troops and resources to defeat it.

Watching yesterday a documentary on the moon landings and listening to men such as Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, I was left wondering what happened in the past fifty years that such selfless and heroic standards of masculinity collapsed into man buns and needy ‘persons’ who can’t even make up their minds whether they’re male or female? A gut reaction from someone who knew those men of the greatest generation as fathers, uncles and just about all of Dad’s friends. Theirs is a near impossible standard to live up to, but exactly what the world needs now when we are faced with the greatest threat ever to confront the human species.

My apologies to women but I think when the chips are down and civilisation is collapsing, feminist Camille Paglia was correct in saying that women, “…will be cowering in their houses waiting for men to fix it”.

I might be hard on today’s males, and wrong. Maybe when the time comes they will step up and show unbelievable courage and combativeness – making their grandfathers and great-grandfathers, those who landed in Normandy, who fought in Stalingrad and on the Kokoda trail, glow with pride. Maybe what they lack, and it’s not their fault, is older males to stop being self-interested wet noodles, to show what leadership is just like Kennedy did when in 1961 he set impossible as a goal and the United States took up the challenge. Can we imagine any of our politicians today committing this nation and before the end of this decade to achieving the goal of net zero emissions?

“Yes we can”, was Obama’s slogan, but he didn’t specify what and didn’t do much on the climate front even when his party had a majority in both houses as pointed out James Hansen (NASA). Now is not the time for the comforting words and empty targets of clever politicians. Can anyone step up and commit this nation to an impossible goal? Committed to achieving that goal, we will figure out a way of doing it, and it will indeed be a giant leap for all mankind. Imagine – Australia showing the way forward and yes, we can do it.