Outside state parliament yesterday morning.

Arrived yesterday outside NSW state parliament and found only half a dozen demonstrators. One, not in the picture, was a young man doing a great job engaging with passing motorists with his ‘Honk for Climate Action’ placard. Interesting, quiet a few did ‘honk’ but others gave him the finger. Why would adults enjoying a comfortable life give the finger – the universal ‘fuck off’ sign – to a young man using peaceful means to simply state, ‘my generation has a right to live on a planet called Earth’ ? Blue pills no longer working all that well ?

Also interesting is how other predictions made about the consequences of climate change are beginning to be realised. One is the breakdown of organised society. In what’s called a Westphalian state and one with a democratic system of government, legislative and executive power is only exercised with the consent of citizens. The executive, for example, only have the abiliy to enforce law so long as the people agree to delegate that power to professionals. Delegated, never surrendered and consent can be withdrawn. Same applies to the legislative ; the power to legislate is delegated not surrendered. Consent can be withdrawn when citizens determine those to whom they have delegated legislative and executive power are self-serving and no longer act in the interest of citizens. People yelling abuse at the prime minister -‘You’re Out Son ! ‘ – as we saw happen down south a few days ago – shows that people are beginning to withdraw consent just as does the parade of ministers and officials appearing on television and social media telling citizens in rehearsed fake-nice tones, all the great things the government is doing, but in reality just desperately trying to buy back consent by opening the coffers. Might even work this time, but what about next time ? What we are experiencing, drought, bushfires, etc, is the result of one degree of warming, just wait for two degrees, three, four.. ? Blood on the streets when lynch mobs go looking for ‘those responsible’.

Extinction Rebellion protesters outside NSW state parliament yesterday morning.
Outside the NSW state parliament yesterday morning.