On a long trek south from Sydney.

Yep – years in the Blue Mountains and feeling I was getting nowhere so packed the bike trailer and headed off south from Sydney. Not Olympic progress but have made Eden.
Lots of burnt forest along the way but generally life down here appears to be carrying on as per normal, except the tourists locals rely on have all but vanished in places. The result of a media beat-up. Yes some towns located in the forest were wiped out but along the highway and the Pacific drive road I took to get off the A1, you wouldn’t think anything had happened. Except when I cycled into Bodalla where whipped up by gale-force winds and with high temperatures, there was a flare-up and myself and a few locals took refuge by the sea down at Potato Point.
Went for a few swims in the ocean and came out covered in burnt gum leaves and ash, sleeping by the side of the highway, more hills than I anticipated, sometimes difficult to find water with some service stations refusing to give you a litre of tap water, it’s been good so far even if the riding can get difficult.

100% by 2030 banner. Tathra Fire Brigade.
Volunteer fire brigade station at Tathra, New South Wales, south coast.
Ash from recent bushfires on New South Wales, south coast beach.
Ash from recent bushfires left by high tide.
Bike and trailer by the beach.
Rest stop for a swim in the ocean.
Smoke across Princes Highway near Bodalla, New South Wales, south coast.
Smoke, heat and gale force winds – time to find a safe refuge.
Burnt-out graveyard. South coast, New South Wales.
Something that speaks, climate change and death.
Burnt-out National Park sign.  Conjola, New South Wales.
The future of forests.