Finding things to do. Future of civilisation.

Saturday went for a hobble around the city centre, fun on crutches, and spotted outside townhall a crowd gathering for the illegal / legal Black Lives Matter demo. Hope no one had covid… Anyways, missed by all sides of the racial debate is the fact the entire human species is in the process of melting down into a sort of universal culture made up of the best of what all have to bring to the table. I’d tend to agree with points made by physicist Michio Kaku’s in the video below,

Other than that, brought an easel so I can start painting again, writing a bit, and processing photographs that have long being taking up space on my hard drive.

Krita UI with drawing of a street boy
Painting technique now involves creating the image in Krita before transferring the outline to canvas. This painting will be of the oft forgotten street children of third-world nations and will be called #MeToo Cebu Child.
Mike Parr work. Carriage Works, Sydney.
Mike Parr expo at CarriageWorks Sydney a few months ago. Took a lot of pictures but only now getting around to processing them.