Nothing much matters.

Watching the news these past weeks you could be forgiven for feeling the world has gone mad. People define themselves by what and by how much something inflicts injury on their outrage gland. Often outrage is based on opinion, comfortable as JFK said, because opinion avoids the discomfort of thought. Quoting politicians, I loved what president Clinton had to say at the funeral of German chancellor Helmut Kohl, ‘We must ensure future generations enjoy the same freedoms we enjoyed, including the freedom to make their own mistakes”. I paraphrase most likely. Unfortunately today and whilst of course black lives matter, most important is saving life itself, and to do that we are fast running out of time. I feel sick repeating this time and time again, and like many believe, and with the climate movement also veering way off-topic into protests about race, gender and ownership of the means of production, that the human species is a train wreck. Maybe it’s unavoidable, short of a change in how we perceive our place in nature our species will need to be culled down to a few hundred million. If there are any survivors, they won’t pollute all that much living a sort of pre bronze-age type of existence in which the strong and ruthless will rule in the lead up to extinction.

Myself, the big news is that today I went to the shops on one crutch only but clearly it will indeed be months before I can get back on a bike. Sort of upsets my plans whatever they were, feel that nothing much matters as things are today. Siberia, where most of the permafrost is located, had its hottest May on record, a full 10 Celsius above average. Check out the graphs below. Globally, barely a few months since 2000 below average.

ts 1month anomaly Global ERA5 2T 202005 v01