I joule/second equals I watt

In case someone was wondering, one joule /sec equals one watt. So the ice-melt is soaking up a shitload of energy.

Made a correction to my previous post – it’s a thousand times worse than I made things out to be, the latent heat of water is 334 joules per GRAM. Sorry dumb guy, second last of the class before quitting to take up a career as a streetkid.

Which is why I leave the science to those who remained at school and got PhD’s, unlike el supremo commander-in-chief and el presidente Donald Trump – reality TV show host and real estate salesman – who recently said things will soon be getting cooler. Must have got hit on the head by a golf ball whilst out playing with his mate Bolsonaro and our very own happy-clapper climate change denialist PM Scotty Morrison.

Posted a vid from the “Just have a think” YouTube channel with more on ice, latent heat and climate change. Worth checking out.

Myself? Had two paintings started. The first one was going well but is now in the trash. Bloody old airbrush paint shit crap and the idiot who thought he’d save a few pennies and use it anyway.


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