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Two days later – Useless so go  back to what was. Also, am experiencing some health issues that are seriously affecting my ability to walk in a straight line and if that were not enough, I now have double vision beyond a focal distance of roughly one metre.

Bummer, went into the city anyway (by train of course) because I heard there would be a climate protest of some sort but once there and trying to navigate my way through crowds of identical twins, and many people probably believing I must be a Saturday night drunk that still hadn’t found his way home, decided to go back to the flat in the suburbs. Anyway, next will be doctor to get a referral to a neurologist. Nothing new, just a flare up of an ongoing problem.

Other housekeeping issues with this erratic blog. Awhile ago I removed the contact form and more recently comments because over the years I never even got hate mail sent via the contact form, and the only comments received were always complimentary, never once on-topic, and always had a url attached. Spam in other words.