Interesting times.

In the past few weeks. A cruise ship sailed above 85 longitude north, a study found we have lost half of the Great Barrier Reef, an icebreaker has returned to its German home port after having drifted over the North Pole with one of the expedition leaders saying in an interview that based on their findings, we will see an ice-free Arctic ocean ‘within a few decades’. The blue ocean event to which the president of Finland, Sauli Niinisto was referring when he said, “If we lose the Arctic – we lose the world”.
There were more reports and that mostly went unmentioned in the Australian media including that a study had found the number of weather events classified as catastrophic had doubled in the past twenty years. Should we make a little drawing for the illiterate?
Climate change is accelerating and will get to runaway within a ‘few decades’ from now. Runaway meaning beyond human ability to stop.

Stay tuned – for sure the dreaded bad news will keep coming.