Brrrr – put the contact page back up and a few words on ‘gays children of God.’

Contact page back up and will just have to make sure the anti-spam is active. Also, suspect there has been distress in some quarters as a result of my ‘gays children of God’ post. Hope I linked that correctly. Anyway, I’m not pointing the finger of blame at people who might have been the parents of gay children at the time. It would be asking a lot of anyone to go counter to what was then the consensus view of the state, religious and health authorities, and a majority of civil society. There were few things a heterosexual person of those times could find, and that would cause them to even consider homosexuality was not a criminal offence, a sexual perversion, a virus sort of thing that could be passed from one person to the next, nor a mortal sin punishable by eternal roasting in hell. Then again, maybe there was just one thing but that would have taken brains to figure out because it is so obvious: what could possibly explain such fear and loathing? As HST, the good doctor Gonzo, would have put it.

There were a few enlightened, including the signatories of a letter to the editor sent to a newspaper at the height of the scandal that followed the Playland trials of 1972 and 1975, and media attention such as ITV’s documentary “Johnny Go Home”. (Cannot link that as no one has found a publicly accessible copy – if you know where one can be found please hit the contact button.) In the letter they correctly identify the problem as social and not just evil old white men (even better when they are rich, famous and married with children) doing evil things to ostensibly innocent teenage boys. They even dare to question who, between the boy and his client, was exploiting whom?