Australia’s special forces alleged war crimes and the case of Julian Assange.

Pretty sure I’m not the only Australian happy our government has faced up to war-crime allegations made against our special forces. Allegedly – the criminal investigation has yet to begin – 39 Afghan non-combatants and no-longer-combatants were either murdered (‘unlawful killing’) or subjected to cruel treatment. A redacted report based on a four-year investigation was released today and below is a download link if you haven’t got your copy of the report.

This whole affair calls back to mind war crimes committed by American forces in the Middle East as disclosed in the “Collateral Murder’ video released by Wikileaks. Was anyone in the United States military  investigated and called to account for what looks like cold-blooded murder and grievous wounding of civilians, including children? Answer to that is no, and the only persons suffering any consequence as a result of the (alleged) American army’s crimes, are the whistleblowers Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

I like what our defence chief, general Angus Campbell said in a press conference and speaking about the four-year inquiry, “None of us desired the outcome to which we have come. We are all diminished by it.”

Download the public-release version of the report.