My arrest in 2009.

Thank you for your interest.

Many have encouraged me to publish the research I was carrying out prior to my arrest in October 2009 including what happened in the following years. It is something I have considered but have resisted because I feel it would serve no purpose.

The articles you may have read such as the one published by the Sydney Morning Herald and that remains accessible online are partially true but just as are all good lies. In fact what that article is and the same appeared in near all Australian and some international news media, was a police press release, designed to destroy more than inform and republished without verification nor mention that my intent was to plead not guilty. On advice of my lawyers I accepted a plea bargain because after a year of court appearances and a fortune in legal fees, it became clear there was no possibility of proving my intent was to publish what I firmly believed at the time was in the public interest.

Overly enthusiastic, reckless even, I made mistakes and will continue to pay a heavy penalty for the remainder of my life. I regret those mistakes and most deeply the impact they had on my family but I do not regret having sought to counter lies and deception with truth.

Moving on as best I can my activities now are limited to art, photography and some writing whilst maintaining hope in one day finding peace.