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School Walk Out Sydney. Earth Strike.

Today it was down to Sydney to witness the Sydney school walkout for climate action. Absolutely great to see thousands of kids in Martin Place protesting the Australian government’s lack of meaningful action on climate change. IPCC says we need to drastically reduce emissions by 2030 but according to the government’s own figures Australia’s will actually increase.
Great to see also that the major political parties stayed away from this youth protest except for a few minor far-left parties which didn’t appear to understand this was all about children demanding action to save their future and not an opportunity to try to convince nine-year-olds that North Korea is paradise on Earth.

Boy at School Walkout Sydney holding banner with Trump, Dutton, Abbott and Morrison as nazis and clowns.

LOL – as the French say, ‘the truth is on the lips of children’.

I was hoping to get some great shots but was disappointed when I had a worse than usual attack of the shaky hands. Didn’t sleep last night and was running on caffeine. Not good but glad to have been there with other grandparents and all of us a bit teary eyed.

Martin Place Sydney School Walkout protest kids with banners.

Go the kids!

OK and don’t forget big people that it’s our turn next. World wide protest. January 15, 2019Earth Strike Kickoff Protest!