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Fresh water and life’s latest.

First up the latest post from professor Paul Beckwith from the University of Ottawa. His youtube channel and website are a good source of reliable climate information. The one below, his latest, is about fresh water.


My life latest is that I was supposed to have a stress test at the local hospital, check the old ticker is working properly, but when the cardiologist saw me walk in with a bike helmet and I told him I regularly do 70 plus kilometers of trail riding, he decided I didn’t need one. But, further into the discussion he wanted to slam me into a hospital bed telling me my efforts to beat diabetes by natural means have not been entirely successful. When I declined the offer of free meals and accommodation, he then listed all the shocking and horrible things I could look forward to and whilst he was reading out the shopping list, I was mentally ticking them off as already happening. Not good. So in a few months (yes – that’s a short wait for an appointment) I’ll be back in the endocrinologist’s office and with a little luck s/he will be able to give me the precise information I need to plan for the years ahead. Diabetes today is not as big a deal as it used to be, a death sentence, but from my perspective it could mean a major upset in the planning department. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep plodding on looking for an income and working on the comic strip. Who knows it might even be successful and if not, who cares – making it is fun enough to justify the time and effort.