LOL – the Inauguration.

Honestly – this is going to be an A-rate show. Thursday at 3AM our time, if you suffer from insomnia. I know everyone is hoping the Americans will further embarrass themselves but riots or no riots, they will not disappoint. Here we will have the leader of the free world’s leading democracy swearing, hand on a book, to uphold the constitution surrounded not by those mentioned in the constitution as ‘we the people’ but rather razor wire, fences and more troops than the US has in Afghanistan. The people? Represented by little flags. Two hundred thousand of them I believe, and hope they are biodegradable. What an image, it might as well be the swearing-in of a hated dictator. Risk taking a bullet you wimps, cemeteries are full of people who believed themselves to be indispensable, invite Trump to attend just as Nelson Mandela invited his prison guards to his inauguration. Do something unexpected and that forces respect and recognition from both sides of the divide that Joe Biden is ‘the man’. Oops – that’s sexist. Joe Biden is the person.

And it was a hot one – again

Twenty-twenty was the hottest year on record as were the past several. The bad news is that it can only get hotter as we continue pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and with Earth itself helping out with increasing methane emissions. Things are getting bad to say the least with climate change, a pandemic that is far from under control, and I’d say, the expected collapse of civilisation resulting from climate change already well underway. Studies have shown that higher temperatures cause an increase in violence in human communities. Probably the reason nations located nearer to the poles have low levels of violent crime. Is there ‘hope’? Laugh out loud, none until the entire adult section of the human species gets a brain transplant or aliens appear like in “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Jesus Christ? Now would be a good time for a ‘second coming’.

Don’t call people ‘deplorables’.

A bit of a kerfuffle in Washington as we have all seen. Funny the tweets of various leaders around the world; they all know who they will be dealing with in a few weeks. Trump should be arrested for inciting violence, or for promoting terrorism, anyone else would be.

A few hundred people storming a building is no big deal, just ask the Hong Kong police and the Chinese government. They deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis.

What is a problem, is that half of the American population felt excluded, that no one in power had listened to their concerns. They were called ‘deplorables’, not worth a second of anyone’s attention. People hurt, insulted, frustrated, Hillary slammed the door shut on any possibility of discussion, of compromise. Trump was quick to see the opportunity and said to them, “I will represent you, and will drain the corrupt Washington swamp”.

How many among those who stormed congress truly believe the election was stolen? Very few I’d guess, most just don’t want to be governed by a party that was their own for generations, and that in 2016 didn’t even bother paying them a visit. Breaking glass ceilings, abortion at T minus one second, was to Hillary more important than an unemployed mother of five having to feed her kids the contents of a charity food parcel. Families living in tents all over the world’s wealthiest nation. Biden? Listening to his reaction to this disturbance – well, not holding my breath he has what it takes to unify a nation as divided as the United States is today.

In this lies the root of the problem the United States is experiencing.