It rained on our parade.

Fair weather protestors, OK there is moisture falling out of the sky, but still there were thousands of people going about their business in the city today, and so can’t see why the planned protest needed to be ‘postponed’. Maybe the police couldn’t spare the numbers needed to keep us well-behaved. Too busy rescuing people in the flooded areas maybe?

Anyway, went about my business as well, trying to find a shoulder mount rig for my DSLR – keep the camera steady when filming. No joy – one city shop said they have had them on order since August last year. I also looked into getting a monitor that would go with the rig and nearly chocked when the sales assistant said that he had, and they cost A$ 430! I think that’s because of the ‘Australia Tax’ which applies to anything not made here and that sadly means just about everything. For example, I brought a pair of Diesel jeans in Bangkok for A$30 whereas the same here in Sydney would have set me back A$200. My ladyboy friend (actually a 47-year-old in case peoples get the wrong impression) said I was ripped off, and he could have got them cheaper. For sure the 430 dollar monitor would be 50 in the King Power Shopping Centre.