Aussieness in the climate debate.

“If a measure of a nation’s collective intelligence is the diversity of its exports, then Australia is dumb and getting dumber.”

More proof of dumbness was sent to me in the form of clippings from the Murdoch newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”. This time letters to the newspaper seeking to debunk the science of climate change. How to embarrass yourself the Aussie way. Below are a few examples,

It used to be global warming until that didn’t suit the narrative, so now we have climate change. Non alarmists call it for what it is – the weather. And best of luck trying trying to control it.”

Another gem…

I love all the so-called experts who write letters full of their reasons on why climate change is real. Carolyn Ingvarson (letters, 23/3) throws around claims like ‘we know it’s warmer and wetter” and “we are one degree warmer so that means seven percent more capacity to hold water”. Gee

She sounds like she has more knowledge than Professor Ian Plimer, who has written best-selling books on the Earth, the oceans and the sun, and he sums a lifetime of knowledge and study and says it’s a load of garbage. Humans cannot change the weather.

As to Carolyn’s assertions that sea levels have risen, I went to the oyster farmers of Botany Bay 10 years ago and asked a question of one family who have been growing oysters for 90 years: have you ever raised your farms due to sea levels rising? Answer: No.

Yesterday, Scott Morrison, was blamed for the torrential rain as he didn’t act on climate change. Give me a break.

Cough cough behind hand. OK…

The author of the first obviously does not understand the difference between ‘weather’ and ‘climate’, and as for the second – well – I think it speaks for itself. By the way, ‘Carolyn’ is correct in saying 1 degree warmer means the atmosphere can hold 7 percent more humidity.

As for Professor Ian Plimer, a quick Google search and no surprise – he is a geologist and director of numerous mining companies. The one’s who tell our prime minister, Scott Morrison, how much sauce he is allowed to put on his meat pie at morning tea.