Scientist Rebellion.

Relatively new in the trenches is ‘Scientist Rebellion’, an organisation that kicked off with a few physicists chucking green paint on the doors of the Royal Society. They are a welcome addition to the fight for action. Copied and pasted from their website, and I’m sure they won’t mind, is the ‘who we are’ statement below,

Who We Are

We are activists from a variety of scientific backgrounds, calling on our communities to stand in resistance to the genocidal direction of our governments, before it’s too late. If we scientists don’t act like we’re in an emergency, how can we expect the public to do so?

We believe scientists should be resisting on the front lines, but the resistance must be bigger than any one group. If you are not a scientist, you are welcome – behind every action is a whole community of people supporting, creating and organising. When scientists rebel it is powerful because it inspires others to rise up. By bringing scientist and activist communities together, both are empowered.

Scientist Rebellion Website.