Off air and went for a ride to Byron Bay.

Been away the past few weeks on a ride up to Byron Bay and back, lots of kilometres and nothing much to say about them. I was so impressed by Byron Bay I stayed for a full two and a half hours, and then hit the road back to Sydney.

Site was down because I forgot to renew it and when I found ‘invoice overdue’ emails from the hosting service, I was several hundred kilometres away. No big deal.

OK – now that I’ve renewed hosting it might be a good idea to expand contents and on subjects important to me. One being that I was a ‘London boy’ in my teens and have a lot to say about what appears to be the invisibility of street boys past and present. The other is of course climate change, and then there are many things I’m interested in such as visual art, street photography (who would have thought), religion, Iaido, Zen, and the list goes on. LOL a major fault of mine: too many interests. I’ll start with a page or even a subdomain on street boys.