Brake pads and kerbside philosophy.

A few weeks to go, the bike is nearly ready, now just waiting for the break pads to turn up in the letterbox. At yesterday’s climate protest I caught up with a few familiar faces from Extinction Rebellion, had a great discussion on the subject of love with a 21-year-old lad who was handing out socialist pamphlets, we all marched around the city making a lot of noise, then back at Town Hall I listened to speakers drumming up support for Ukraine. To top off the day, I had a one hour kerbside discussion with a Muslim cleric on the nature of God. We parted laughing and shaking hands, I think we both would have liked more time and a quieter place to talk theology.

Still feeling a bit apprehensive about this next bikepacking adventure; this one does not a have a destination to reach and then return, and there’s no reason why I couldn’t be on the road for months or even a few years. What’s the purpose of it? I could think of a few things such as ‘ride for the planet’, or as a way of proving your life can go to shit and yet you can still be happy and do things, but honestly, deep down I know what I’m looking for is something I experienced when I was walkabout in the bush two years ago – The Void? LOL, that was life changing, I realised what it means to live as though you were already dead. Could I expand on that? I struggled yesterday with that Muslim cleric, trying to explain the Void and Eckhart’s “God beyond God”. Things that as samurai and philosopher Miyamoto Musashi wrote, “are not included in human knowledge”.

Also thinking about adding a few pages to this blog to share pictures, experiences, and thoughts whilst out there on the road.

From top of a hill on a ride through the Hunter Valley earlier this year.