More security and depravity in war.

A few things I should have added talking about security in my previous post, is always have a charged mobile phone, and with the ‘emergency plus’ app (or similar) installed, it displays your location. When I broke my leg riding locally the emergency number (000 here in Aus) operator asked where I was, and I didn’t know the street names, only the general area. It was late evening, in an industrial area with no one about, a man did appear but he didn’t know either, but luckily a woman out jogging did know the name of street. I must have been lying on the cycle track for at least half an hour with a snapped lower right leg before finally been able to say exactly where I was. Had that happened on a lonely road out bush, I would have been in trouble because you know where you’re heading but often not your exact location. The other thing good to have is a First Aid kit, and the Red Cross app also installed.

Up on the Mid North Coast earlier this year, couldn’t resist a dip, and nearly got caught in a savage rip, should known better given the size of the surf. Later told by a local that a young couple also must have gone for a swim – their campervan was found but no sign of them.
Lake George in NSW. Rest stop and charging the back-up batteries. Green energy.
Heading west out of Singleton in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Tent was good but pity the fibreglass poles split after a few months.

With this next bikepacking adventure, the weather forecast for October isn’t looking good. Rain and low temperatures, but what can you expect with climate change now irreversible. The best we can do is limit the damage if at all still possible because that would require a level of international cooperation previously unheard of in the human species. The war in Ukraine is hugely damaging to that cause, and what looks like sabotage of the gas pipes is an environmental disaster; the leaking gas is CH4, which is 84 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2 over a period of 20 years.

Maybe it’s time homo sapiens be exterminated, a CNN report included allegations the Russian ‘soldiers’ in Ukraine have taken to raping children as young as 4 years of age, and of both genders. There have been reports in western media of rapes happening, especially in left-leaning media, but based on their reports you would have to believe the Russians are all hard-core heterosexuals only interested in adult women. Not young girls, and even less boys. A retired US general in that same CNN report pointed to the fact the Soviets in Berlin raped anything female, I doubt it was female victims only, aged between 7 and 70. The figure I heard long ago, so can’t remember where, was 200 thousand German women and girls raped by Soviet soldiers. Whatever – it’s depravity.