Bicycle ride, and the Exorcist.

Sunny weather, have packed the trailer, pumped up the bicycle tyres, and with any luck will hit the road tomorrow morning. Third attempt at this ride south, the previous two ended with mechanical breakdown. I’ll be pulling a brand new Burley Nomad trailer with about 30 kilos loaded, and will post how it went when I get back to Sydney.

The original plan was to do some landscape photography but the extra weight had a lot to do with the two DNF’s, and so will only be taking the Sony RX100 III (point and shoot) I use for street photography, a mono pod, and a Contour helmet cam. The Sony has a Zeiss lens and takes great pictures for a camera that fits in the palm of the hand.

I’ll be happy to finally be back on the road, being so bored and frustrated that this afternoon for example, I watched a panel discussion on the subject of demonic possession. It was interesting because the panel was made up of Jesuit academics and the author of the novel “Possessed”, which told the story of the 1949 exorcism of a 14 year old boy, an event that was also the basis for Peter Blatty’s novel “The Exorcist”. In a nutshell we got the who, what, where, and how – to a degree – but not the ‘why’. I found it interesting that when the time came for the panel to take questions from the audience, not a single person asked what I’d say is the obvious question of why would Satan do it? Send millions running for the nearest confessional?

Given both God and Satan cannot be anything other than what they are, and therefore do not have freewill, both can only act through entities that are both good and evil, and that having freewill can freely choose between the two. That being humans.

Broadly speaking Satan could not ‘possess’ anyone unless some opening was created. In the movie and both books, it was the kid playing with a Ouija board, which I’d say is more silly than evil and if looking for an example of a kid opened to evil, I’d point to a little girl outside a ‘church’ in the US, and holding a sign that reads, “God Hates Gays”. Wrong in every way it can be wrong; God cannot ‘hate’ (a negative human emotion), and to teach a child He can is for sure doing work for the opposition. Evil most often presents as a greater good, which is the reason we are to date incapable of acting on the climate disaster.

Anyways – bring on the peace and beauty of the outback.