Samantha X – words of wisdom from a great woman.

Just another and quick post for today, the article linked below is about high-profile Sydney sex worker known as ‘Samantha X’, real name Amanda Goff, whom I found based on replies she gives in a recent ‘News’ article (link below), to be an impressive woman. As an ex Piccadilly Circus boy, I find her replies are also spot on, and especially when she says she has no regrets. About her time as Samantha X she says,

“The lessons I’ve learned, the compassion, empathy, resilience & the authenticity I’m now armed with I wouldn’t change for the world.”

Most often boys quit ‘the game’ at about the age women start, that being late teens or early twenties and so it’s true the underage factor and homosexual nature of a rent boy’s work make it by far more psychologically damaging when the fact the majority of boys are straight and only do what they do out of economic necessity, is taken into account. Nevertheless, living the rest of life in anger and self-pity, or worse, seeking revenge, will only perpetrate the hurt and damage. The abuser abuses you still. The right attitude to have is indeed compassion, and from that have the ability to genuinely forgive. Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful thing, and so it’s no surprise that it is central to Christian practice.

It has to be said as well that in the early seventies we, the infamous ‘Dilly Boys’, were a living expression of the counter-cultural revolution, and when having adapted to the lifestyle, and realised the emotional power we had over many ‘punters’, we could be more dangerous to them than they to us.

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