Albury – Victoria tomorrow morning.

Stopped for the night in Albury which is a town on the New South Wales and Victorian border. Will continue south tomorrow morning, hopefully feeling a bit better, this morning I spotted a dead Wallaby (smaller version of the kangaroo) by the side of the highway, beautiful young female, a leg and skull smashed, I checked the pouch but luckily she was not carrying a Joey, that’s a baby. Don’t know why, you see a lot of so-called ‘road kill’, but this really put me in a foul, and depressed mood. Aren’t we supposed to be doing something about declining biodiversity? Putting up a fence along highways would be a simple thing, the all-too-common sight of blood and guts splattered on highways is sickening. We share this planet with all other life, it is not ‘our planet’.

Took this picture on the south side of Jugiong – the Great Southern Land peoples!