Batemans Bay

I was hoping to be well passed Batemans Bay by this afternoon, but between myself and the planet, it’s a tossup as to who is feeling the most unwell. We’re a few weeks into spring and the mercury is hitting 30 Celsius, and as for myself, it’s no energy and plain feeling sick. Anyways, checked into a caravan park for a rest and a much needed shower, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling better.
Nothing much to say about the past few days; the Princess Highway is a crap and in places, dangerous for cyclists. Everytime I ride it I swear I’ll never do it again, but this has to be the third time. About twenty kilometres north of Batemans Bay I ran into a gathering of bikers at a cafe/petrol station, one leather clad boomer with a Harley, commenting on my rig as he walked passed said, “Nice bike – just a bit underpowered though.”

More roadkill – a beautiful Wombat.
The East Lynne Store and Gas Station, heaps of bikes and hotrods turning up, a band, plenty beer in the store, I should maybe have pitched the tent in the forest across the road.
Batemans Bay bridge. I was going to continue south but was feeling like crap.